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Robert Wilson gives to The Goads International

Robert "Sarge" Wilson and his wife, Mona earned their second GSB check of 2014 in December and hand-picked Tim Goad International to receive a check for $1,000 from The Alliance on behalf of the Wilsons.

Earlier in 2014, Wilson also donated a check for $1,000 to TGI through the GSB program and The Alliance.

Wilson said Tim Goad's mentorship had been an important ingredient in his success with The Alliance. This was a small token by Wilson to say thanks to the entire Goad family.

"They do so much for so many people and The Alliance in particular," Wilson said. "I hope this contribution helps them continue their mission to help people around the world."

The Goad family believes they are commissioned to feed the poor, help the widows and give hope to the hopeless. Imagine the cry of despair from a mom in Haiti, whose young child is eating dirt to stay alive. It is difficult for many to relate, but it is not difficult for us to help. Through donors and their giving, the Goads have sent vitamins and provided 1000's of meals to people in Haiti and Honduras. This has been life giving and life changing to many families and people in need.

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