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Williams picks up two GSB checks for Citi Church

Larry Williams earned not one but two $1,000 Good Samaritan Bonus checks based on personal production in 2014 during the month of July and decided to donate both checks to Citi Church of Mansfield, Ohio to help beef up its food pantry to feed less fortunate people.

Williams said the church has an immediate need for supplies and that $2,000 would go a long way to help feed people in and around his community in Mansfield.

"They are in dire need of help and it's really needed," Williams said. "That church does a lot of great things for the community and they are always giving to others."

Williams said the power of the GSB program should not be taken for granted because of the impact it is having around the world. More than $75,000 has been donated by The Alliance since the inception of the GSB in January of 2013.

"It's incredible," Williams said. "I never really thought much about it to begin with. (NAA President and CEO) Andy Albright is always about giving and he wants to do more. We all need to do that and we are going to do that. A lot of times we take things for granted and we never should because we are so blessed. What an honor for me to be able to give because of what Andy put in place. It's an incredible thing. It sets the standard for me in the near future to start giving continuously. I'm looking forward to giving more. It's an honor to give. It's a great feeling knowing that you are helping somebody else out."