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The Alliance Posts a Year High for GSB Donation

The Alliance posted a year-high for GSB donations in March with 97 winners who contributed $16,500 to charities and non-profit organizations. The charities supported covered an array of causes including churches, children's hospitals and food banks. Please see below to find out what charities were helped through the GSB program in March.

Auditorium of Prayer and Worship $100

Annette Perez felt led to share her GSB with this evangelical church. Attendees and guests agree they feel the power of the Holy Spirit there.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles $200

Doug Becker wanted to see his GSB make a difference with his local chapter of this wonderful program that pairs children facing adversity with a strong mentoring relationship.

Brain Injury Association of North Carolina $100

Clayton Twigg's GSB will offer help, hope and a voice for people with brain injuries and their families.

Church of God of Prophecy $250

This worldwide body of believers will receive Jazmin Lightbourn's GSB and continue to worship united, and work hand-in-hand to share God's love and a message of hope to the brokenhearted.

Colitis and Crohn's Foundation $150

This non-profit, volunteer-driven organization was the recipient of Mike Puleo's GSB. They are dedicated to finding a cure for these diseases and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by them.

Cooks Children's Hospital $200

When children's health becomes complicated, families turn to this facility for help. Marty and Diana Doggett's GSB will provide education and resources to navigate these conditions.

DFW Hindu Temple $100

Jenny Patel's GSB will help provide a place of worship and be the Spiritual Resource Center for Hindu Community.

e3 Partners Fund at Pure Charity - #736 Guinness Jr. $100

Jennifer Sabo shared her GSB with this group that equips Christians with the training and tools they need to make a lasting impact in the world.

Feed The Hunger $100

Kyle Keator saw a need in this evangelical mission that connects people with strategic leaders domestically and overseas. Together they feed the spiritual and physical hunger in the needy.

Foundation For His Ministry - CUNA $350

This foundation is a Christian organization with a volunteer staff serving the poorest in Mexico. Mickey and Joanna Crews shared their GSB with the CUNA (nursery) division to provide round-the-clock care to ages newborn to 2 years of age,

Great Faith - Atlanta $100

Jacqueline Taliaferro-Faus supports this local church that shares the belief that Miracles Do Happen.

Heart Effect $250

Paul Epstein contributed to this philanthropic group that exists to support the live saving work, research and technology of the Phoenix Children's Heart Center and Cardiac 3D Print Lab.

Heroes Sports $100

Leticia and Aleric Pillot supports this organization with their GSB as they seek to provide veterans with assistance and opportunities to insure a smooth and well-rounded return to civilian life.

Hunt Of A Lifetime $100

Eric and Sheryl Lardie shared their GSB with this non-profit organization with a mission to grant hunting and fishing dreams for children age 21 and under who have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses.

Immanuel Bible Church $250

Kimberly Spinelli-Young's GSB will support this church that believes in growing hearts in Jesus.

Lancaster Community Church $200

Kyle Studer wanted to help this special church that provides an atmosphere of mercy, forgiveness, acceptance and love.

Life Church WEL Relief & Restoration $150

Nicola Ebanks helps this organization provide relief in a time of crisis. With her GSB, immediate needs like food, water, shelter and clothing can help families find hope.

Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church $100

Toshiba Allen shared her GSB with this local church where the Spirit of God is the motivating force.

Newman Catholic Campus Ministry - Bulldog Catholic $100

Thomas Kleinschnitz knew this organization could use his GSB. The whole reason they exist is to bring the Gospel to every corner of life at UMD.

Pediatric Congenital Heart Association - Michigan $250

Angela Clark hopes her GSB will help this group in their research and search for a cure for heart defects that affect children.

Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association $250

Marcus and Karla Richardson saw a need in this organization that assures inclusion and enhance independence of people with Down Syndrome. They know the key is providing education, resources and support for individuals, families, professionals and the community.

Rotary Club of Branchburg $350 and $300

Both Bill Cook and Nick Narlis donated to their local rotary club where members are dedicated professionals looking to make a difference through community service.

Sandy Tilly Angels & Sparrows $150

Brantley Dunn gladly gave his GSB to this soup kitchen that is operated solely by volunteers and serves and nourishing lunch Monday through Friday to anyone who needs their help.

Share His Cross Ministries $100

Jim Ruppel's support goes to this local church that preaches Christ and justification for the sinner.

Sisters of Life $150

Brent Bules donated his GSB to this religious community of women that stands up for the protection and enhancement of the sacredness of every human life.

St. Stephens Church of God In Christ $250

This church is the recipient of James and Angeline Coleman's GSB. Their mission is to proclaim God's Word, Serve the whole person, actively seek those in need and to be a lighthouse in the community.

The Adult Care Center of Shenandoah Valley $100

J.F. Strawderman's GSB will go to this day program for adults who are coping with physical or cognitive challenges caused by Alzheimers Disease, stroke or other conditions that require supervision or assistance.

The Calling Church $100

Gabriel Franco shared his GSB with this church that believes you are called to live out your purpose.

Triumph Foundation - $150 and $100

Eric Bellaire and Belinda McKinnell felt their GSBs would help this non-profit organization in their mission to help children, adults and veterans with spinal cord injuries to triumph over their disability.

Western International High Cheer Team $100

Mesha Marsh supported this high school cheer team in Detroit with her GSB.

Whitman Walker Health - Youth Services $200

Steven and Latoya Moore promised their GSB to provide health-related services to youth ages 13 to 24 with this community program.

Winchester SPCA Rockaplenty Adoption Center $300

Paul and Samantha Minichino liked the simple mission statement of this organization,,,Helping animals. Helping people. Helping the community. Their GSB will assist in the variety of programs SPCA provides.