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The Alliance gifts more than $11,000 to charities in July

The Alliance donated more than $11,000 to charities in July through the Good Samaritan Bonus, based on the efforts of 68 agents who earned between $100 and $350 for 48 different charities and non-profit organizations.

Phillip Herbert, James and Jane Hill, Jamie Roumayah and Brant and Gel Swindle were the top four GSB winners, each earning a check for $350. Herbert, the Hills and the Swindles selected Tim Goad Ministries as their charity of choice. A total of 20 GSB checks went to Tim Goad Ministries in July for a total of $3,600, the most in the month of July. Roumayah selected Watchtower to receive $350.

Jeff Adcock, Bill Cook and Jazmin Lightbourn each earned $300 GSB checks in July. Adcock tapped Clear Springs Future Farmers of America, Cook chose Tim Goad Ministries and Lightbourn chose Church of God Prophecy.

A total of 10 agents each won checks for $250, and selected causes like their church, suicide prevention, hunger prevention, human trafficking and a community hospital.

At the $200 level, eight agents picked up GSB checks for causes like local churches, a youth football team and other relief efforts.

Moving to the $150 mark, 12 agents earned checks for charities like a high school cheerleading team, a scholarship fund, animal rescue efforts, St Jude Children's Hospital and their local churches.

Rounding out the GSB donations were 32 agents earning $100 each for their favorite charity or non-profit organization. Among the causes were a high school band program, the Jimmy V Foundation, Operation Smile, the Wounded Warrior Project, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation and the Down Syndrome Association.

The Alliance has donated more than $110,000 through the GSB program in 2017 and more than $250,000 since its inception.

"We are excited with the different charities our agents selected in July," Andy Albright, President and CEO of The Alliance said. "We are making a difference in the lives of so many people, and I love seeing the charities we pick each month. I'm proud of all our GSB winners and hope the amount we donate each month continues to rise in the coming months."