You've helped give $500,000 since January 2013!

The Alliance Donates More Than $9,000 in January

The Alliance opened the year in a big way by contributing $9,150 to numerous charities and non-profit organizations thanks to the effort of 57 Good Samaritan Bonus winners. A total of 19 different charities were selected and brought the all-time amount given to charities to $180,000.

Beacon Baptist Church $150

Ryan Sauls contributed his GSB to this church located in Raleigh, NC where members are encouraged to connect, grow, serve and go.

Bethesda Church $250

Marvin and Rachel Osuna pledged their support to this church in Reno, NV with a motto of "Pursuing Christ. Loving People."

Breast Cancer Research Foundation $150

Every donation counts in searching for a cure for breast cancer, and Sergio Figuero used his GSB to fund the research.

Catholic Campaign for Human Development - U.S. Conf. of Catholic Bishops $150

Nicholas Secord supports this assembly that promotes the greater good which the church offers humankind.

Elizabeth's New Life Center $100

Alex and Ginny Abuyuan's contribution helps fulfill the mission of this pregnancy resosurce center of saving babies and changing lives.

FOCUS $100

Thomas Kleinschmidt entrusted his GSB to help this church's mission to launch college students into lifelong Catholic mission.

Healing House Ministries $300

We currently have no info for this charity.

Hope Children's Home $150

Ben Ortiz shared his GSB to this foundation that has rescued nearly $5,000 children that have been discarded, abused, unwanted or orphaned.

Jewish National Fund National Office $100

Jan Miller supports this charity in providing solutions for a water starved world.

Marine Corps Chaplain's Office - Camp Lejeune Religious Fund $100

Diana Vicol's GSB to this branch will assist in developing personal and spiritual care to personnel and families on the NC Marine base.

Millennial Choirs & Orchestras $100

This independent nonprofit organization that teaches and encourages excellence in quality sacred and classical music will benefit from the GSB given to them from Adam and Jodi Hinckley.

My Father's House Int. Christian Discipleship Center $200

Marcus and Karla Richardson put their GSB behind this ministry with a mission to reach one, to teach one while empowering people to do the will of God.

Pocono Church of Christ $150

We currently have no info for this charity.

Shepherd's Storehouse $100

Mike Rodriguez extended his GSB to this food pantry in his local area that helps feed anyone in need. They believe that if anyone goes hungry in their area tonight it is their fault.

SOA Community Service Center $100

We currently have no info for this charity.

The Lamb's Chapel $100

Zotica Reyes found a home for his GSB in this comfortable and nonintimidating church that encourages members to seek a life that honors our Savior.

Tim Goad International $5000

A total of 29 GSB winners selected Tim Goad International to benefit from this program in January.

Transcendental Meditation Program for Women $300

Martha Batorski contributed her GSB to this non-profit organization that teaches evidence-based techniques for inner peace and wellness.

Wounded Warrior Project $200

Mike and Kerry Williams wanted to donate to this organization that provides free programs and services to address the needs of injured veterans, their families and caregivers because "The greatest casualty is being forgotten."