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The Alliance donates more than $10,000 to charity for fifth straight month in June

The Alliance continued its streak of donating more than $10,000 monthly by gifting $10,650 to charities in the month of June, pushing the annual total to $76,600 in 2017.

A total of 60 Good Samaritan Bonus checks were handed out at The Alliance's July "Family Reunion" with Andy Albright encouraging those in attendance to keep hitting GSB status each month as the company pushes toward its monthly goal to donate $25,000 monthly before the end of the year.

The Alliance has donated more than $240,000 through 668 GSB awards to charity since the inception of the GSB program. In June, a total of 40 different charities received at least one GSB check from 60 agents.

In June, Tim Goad Ministries received 19 GSB checks for a donation of $3,550 while Wounded Warriors was awarded three GSB checks for $550. Additionally, 38 charities each received a donation for $100 up to $350 from members of The Alliance.

FIGHT Ministries

This outreach program in Florida supports a safe house in the Dominican Republic for individuals or families to heal from the trauma of human trafficking. Kristina and Les Gustin's GSB will be used well by this charity. The Gustins have donated nine straight GSB checks to FIGHT's efforts.

Port City Community Church

Andrew and Paula Argenio shared their GSB with this Wilmington, N.C. church. Their donation will provide resources for people in need and ministry to the congregation where they attend church. The Argenios have supported Por City with previous GSB checks.

Relay for Life of Whatcom County

Belle Crause stuck with her favorite charity and donated to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life efforts in Whatcom County near her hometown in Washington.

Source MN

Adam and Theresea Johnson feel strongly about this urban outreach program and trusts their GSB will help victims overcome their limiting walls by finding their needs met at this facility. Adam is among a select group of agents with The Alliance that continually earns GSB for Source MN on a monthly basis.

Medical Relief International

Joe and Tawnee Walker pledged their GSB to the Medical Relief Center to provide Alternative Medicine and Health Practitioners in their area of Washington.

Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

Diana and Mike Casteel support this corporation of the Jehovah's Witnesses that publishes literature and performs operational and administrative functions.

Frontline Mission International

Mark Hutcheson pledged his GSB to the work this organization is doing in bringing the gospel into areas that are normally impossible to access. Mark has repeatedly supported the efforts of Frontline Mission through the GSB program.

Transcendental Meditation for Women

Dr. Martha Batorski once again contributed her GSB to this non-profit organization that teaches evidence-based techniques for inner peace and wellness.

Andrea Ferrara Fund

Gustavo Teran put his GSB to good use in contributing to Andrea, a local child with multiple needs. She was born with cerebral palsy and is a paraplegic, which means she needs special equipment, medicines, care and a special diet.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Volunteers and donations are the key to success for this organization, and Cindy Tapia was happy to share her GSB with them. This disease is a genetic lung disorder and needs more research and support to provide awareness and a cure.

Cooks Children's Medical Center

When children's health becomes complicated, families turn to this facility for help. Marty and Diana Doggett's GSB will provide education and resources to navigate these conditions. The Doggetts, who live in Texas, are consistently awarded GSB on a monthly basis, and have consistently supported this medical center for children.

The Triumph Foundation

Belinda McKinnell felt her GSBs would help this non-profit organization in their mission to help children, adults and veterans with spinal cord injuries to triumph over their disability. This was the latest of several GSB donations made by McKinnell to The Triumph Foundation.

Celebration Youth Football League

Michael and Angie Owens gifted their GSB check in June to the Celebration, Fla. Youth Football League. The funds go toward equipment, upkeep of fields, etc. to youth football in the Celebration community.

Other charities supported through the GSB effort in June included: American Cancer Society, The Lamb's Chapel, Charity Bay Blessings, Provident Life Crisis - Survivals of Suicide, Hide-A-Way Hollow, The Colour Connection, Good Shepherd Parrish, Concord Church of Dallas - Bless Dallas Fund, Wounded Heroes of Texas, AIDS Walk of Atlanta, Operation Smile, House of Prayer, Impact Water, Western International High Cheer team, Equine Partners Unlimited, Lazarus Ministries, Elizabeth New Life Center, Homes of Hope, Grace Fellowship Church, Fountain Gate Church, Hope's Door New Beginning Center, Trinity Life Mission, Total Body of Believers Worship Center, The Wesley Chapel High School ESE Department and Beacon Baptist Church.