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The Alliance donated more than $17,450 to charities in October

The Alliance posted a huge month for Good Samaritan Bonus checks in October with 101 agents earning at least $100, which totaled $17,450 for charities.

Michele and Mike Alleman, Debbie Benn and Brant and Gel Swindle led the pack, as each earned $350 checks and selected Clear Creek Community Church, Immaculate Conception Church and Tim Goad Ministries, respectively.

At the $300 level, Michael and Angie Owens, Bill Cook, Mickey and Joanna Crews, Hal and Ellen Rosen, Angela Clark, Kerry and Mike Williams and Kim Spinelli-Young rounded out the Top 10 for October GSB recognition. This group selected Branchburg Rotary Club, Survivors of Suicide, Surry Community College, Chardon United Methodist Church, Elevation Church and Tim Goad Ministries to receive at least one GSB check.

A total of 15 agents each earned $250 checks and supported causes like Tabernacle Baptist Church, Source MN, Gsodcam.Imc Christian Arts Ministry, New Covenant Bible Fellowship, DFW Senior Citizen Samaj, Fight Ministries, United for Puerto Rico and Tim Goad Ministries. This group included: Russ and Denise Everett, Jeremy and Amy Patton, Marty and Diana Doggett, Mark Hutcheson, Adam and Theresea Johnson, Mirlene Felix, Angela Manzo, Mac Jeudi, Dustin and Courtney Craig, Jenny Patel, Katrina and Les Gustin, Jacob and Kelly Kern, Leticia Pillot, George Andershock and Marci Hicks.

At the $200 giving level, a dozen agents supported the following charities: Beacon Baptist Church, United for Puerto Rico, Love Fellowship, Newark Church of Christ, The Colour Connection, Transcendental Meditation to Women with PTSD, Family Worship Center, St. Francis CARE and Tim Goad Ministries.

Moving down to the $150 mark, a total of 31 agents were able to support their favorite charities. Those groups included: Medical Relief International, Mercury One - Nazarene Fund, Open Baskets MN, Clear Creek Community Church, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Relay for Life of Northampton County, pastor Dave Guinn, San Antonio Humane Society, All Believers in Christ Church Feed The Hungry Fund, New Horizon Church, Embrace Grace, American Friends of Magen and David Adom, Children's Hospital Foundation, Surry Community College, Village Meadows Elementary School, Good Shepherd Parish, Calvary Baptist Church, Life.Church WEL Relief & Restoration, Elevate Life Church, Cornerstone United Methodist Church, Tree of Life Church, Dowlen Road Church of Christ, St. Patrick Catholic Church and Tim Goad Ministries.

Rounding out the October donations were 32 agents who earned $100 checks to support charities that included churches, children's hospitals, youth sports clubs, JDRF, rotary clubs, community colleges and mission work.