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The Alliance GSB number climbs $15,250 in October

The Alliance tacked on $15,250 to its' Good Samaritan Bonus total for the year in the month of October, pushing the company past its' 2020 goal of $125,000.

The Alliance has now earned $129,900 for charities in the first ten months of the year.

A total of five agents have earned at least $2,000 this year via the GSB program. Mike and Noelle Lewantowicz are leading the country with $3,700. Andy Riddle ($2,250), Terry and Tia Edwards ($2,250), Megan Wood ($2,150) and James and Jane Hill ($2,050) round out the top five in total GSB money earned in 2020.

A total of 10 agents have earned at least $1,500 and 20 more have scored at least $1,000 this year.

Since 2013, The Alliance has now gifted $712,850 through the GSB program.

In October, 30 agents earned a GSB through the Power of 10, while 182 earned a GSB through personal production. A total of 1,781 GSB have been awarded this year.

Agents from 45 states have earned at least one GSB award in 2020. In 22 of those states, at least one agent has amassed at least $1,000 in GSB awards this year.

Agents from Florida ($21,225), Texas ($17,550) and North Carolina ($11,375), California ($5,300) and South Carolina ($3,850) comprise the top five states in terms of total GSB money earned in 2020.