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The Alliance 2020 Apr - Jun GSB Donations

The Alliance continued a solid run from April through June, as it racked up 540 total GSB checks in a three-month stretch. That accounted for $31,900 and brought the annual total up to $63,700 for the year. This year, agents have earned 1,147 GSB checks.

In April, 209 agents combined to earn $11,400, followed by $14,050 in May (195 agents) and $6,450 in June (136 agents). A total of $52,300 was earned based on personal production by agents.

Top agents through June were: Paul and Sam Minichino ($1,350), Megan Wood ($1,050) and James and Jane Hill ($1,000). Seven more agents have earned at least $800 in GSB checks this year.

With the June numbers tallied, The Alliance has now donated more than $652,000 to charities via the GSB program since 2013. Agents from 30 states earned at least one GSB so far this year. The states with the highest number of winning agents were: Florida, Texas, North Carolina, California, Virginia and South Carolina.