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The Alliance 2019 GSB Donations

The Alliance enjoyed another great year of supporting non-profits and charities around the globe through its Good Samaritan Bonus program. A total of $126,775 was donated to charities in 2019, bring the all-time mark to $563,175 since 2013.

Agents earned various amount monthly and agents won from $25 to more than $30,000 for hundreds of charities. A total of 2,514 totals GSB checks were earned in 2019, with a record mark for the year coming in October with 226 GSBs. Of note, a total of 45 agents earned a GSB check in all 12 months for the year, while another 31 won GSBs in 11 out of 12 months in 2019.

The top charity supported for the year was Tim Goad International, which received $32,975 from GSB checks. A close second was Worldwide Entrepreneurs, which got $19,300.

Charities receiving more than $1,000 in donations for the year were: St. Jude Children's Hospital ($3,125), The Toothbrush Project ($2,225), Tabernacle Baptist Church ($1,725), Mirebalaus Avant Tout ($1,525), Clear Creek Community Church ($1,250), Wounded Warrior Project ($1,250), Twin Cities Ministries ($1,200), MAGFest, Inc. ($1,150), Connection Coalition ($1,075), Surry Community College - Sydney Caudle Memorial Scholarship ($1,075) and Riley Children's Hospital ($1,050).

The top agents earning GSB money in 2019 were Brant and Gel Swindle, who racked up $1,800, just in front of Robert Wilson ($1,775) and Mark Hutcheson ($1,725). Mike and Michele Alleman ($1,600) and Minerve Prophil ($1,525) rounded out the top five agents for the year. Finishing in the Top 10 were: Kyle and Janina Wilson ($1,400), Jonathan and Megan Yeakey ($1,250), Adam Johnson ($1,200), James and Jane Hill ($1,150) and Marcus Richardson ($1,100).

Joseph Dukes, Megan Wood and Eric and Bobbi Bellaire rounded out the list of agents who earned at least $1,000 in donations for the year.

Another five agents earned more than $900 in 2019, but were just shy of hitting the $1,000 mark.