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Swindle earns first GSB in July

Brant Swindle, of Jacksonville, Fla. earned his first Good Samaritan Bonus check based on personal production in July.

Swindle chose to donate his $1,000 check to Tim Goad International, a ministry based out of Celebration, Fla. Swindle said donating the check to the Goads was a small token of his appreciation for their work with The Alliance.

"Tim Goad and his family have helped me so much," Swindle said. "I'm very close to Tim and we talk and text all the time. This is the least I can do to help them a little."

Swindle started working with The Alliance in April of 2013 and said it felt good to donate $1,000 to help others.

"I've never been able to give $1,000 for free, but I've given before and it feels awesome to do it," Swindle said. "I'm looking forward to earning the next one so I can do even more for people."