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Prophil taps IHCD for GSB check

Minerve Prophill and Robespierre Chicoye picked up their third Good Samaritan Bonus check this year based on a strong three months of production from August through October.

Prophil and Chicoye selected the Institute of Human and Community Development to receive a check for $1,000. It was the second time IHCD was picked by Prophil and Chicoye in 2014.

Prophil and Chicoye earned two GSB checks in March of 2014. With their second GSB, the couple selected the IHCD.

IHCD integrates extremely marginalized children into mainstream Haitian society through the provision of a holistic package of educational, nutritional and social services. Since 1999, ICHD has served thousands of children living in servitude, abject poverty and dislocation.

"We have decided to give the GSB to one of the charity we gave to the last time (Institute of Human and Community Development)," Prophil said. "I chose IHCD because I think the organization is doing a wonderful job helping some children of Haiti transitioning to a better life where they could have access to at least the basic necessities that they need such as food, education, etc., which will lead to a better and more prosperous tomorrow for them and their families."

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