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Marcus Richardson donates to XP Missons to prevent human trafficking

Marcus Richardson said when he learned he had qualified for his first GSB check in April of 2014, his wife, Karla was crying because she realized they would be able to help any charity they wanted to with a $1,000 donation.

The Richardsons selected XP Missions to receive a $1,000 check to help further their efforts to prevent sex trafficking of humans around the world - particularly the trafficking of children.

"We chose this organization because we have two babies of our own and we have a heart for children and children's ministries," Marcus Richardson said. "We don't want to see children taken advantage of. They are doing good work and we wanted to help their cause."

Richardson, who lives in Aurora, Colorado, said XP Missions actually go in and rescue the children from these modern-day slavery-like situations. XP Missions is also focused on prevention and aftercare in addition to rescue efforts.

"It's been on our hearts for years and we talked about it and picked them," Richardson said. "I told my wife this is a good problem to have giving away GSB checks. I'm already thinking about winning the next one."