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Patton gives to The Goads

Jeremy Patton finished off 2014 by earning a Good Samaritan Bonus check for $1,000 based on his personal production during the year.

For his efforts, Patton was able to donate a check for $1,000 to Tim Goad International in Celebration, Fla.

Patton, who lives with his wife, Amy in Providence Village, Texas, is one of the top producers with The Alliance. He said being able to give money to charity was something that was important to him because it was a way to help those less fortunate than his family.

"It feels good to be able to pick a charity and send them money," Patton said. "Every time I do it, it makes me want to do it even more because I know that it makes a difference to other people."

Tim Goad and his family travel the United States and other countries spreading hope for the hurting, through music, and speaking. Tim has been very instrumental in helping people in Haiti and Honduras. He has helped build a medical clinic in Haiti, and continues to send food, clothing and vitamins on a regular basis.