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Patton closes year out by scoring GSB check

Jeremy and Amy Patton closed out the year by winning a Good Samaritan Bonus check in December.

The Pattons selected Tim Goad International to receive a donation check for $1,000 from The Alliance.

Jeremy Patton said helping the Goad family was important because of the support they have provided to members of The Alliance over the years.

"They are a great family that believes strongly in helping people grow and improve," Patton said. "This is just a small way that our family can say thanks to them and I hope that it helps them help other people who are less fortunate than us."

Tim and his wife, Gaye, have helped countless numbers of professionals learn the strategies and leadership principles necessary in creating an environment of excellence in corporations, ministries and individuals. Drawing on more than 30 years as a leader, Tim gives organizations the competitive edge required to excel in every area of leadership.

At the age of 18, Tim created Tim Goad International, a non-profit, purely humanitarian mission that would eventually grow into one of the widest-spanning organizations of its kind in the world. Relying on a natural ability to lead others, Tim worked tirelessly to develop TGI into an organization whose reach spanned 180 countries as well as 23 cities in the United States. As Tim's vision grew, so did his organization - eventually employing over 500 individuals throughout the world as well as 80 in America.

One could conclude that the most impressive aspect of TGI is Tim's personally developed program, which trained over 3,000 kids every year in advanced leadership skills. As those well-trained kids have begun to embark on their own life's mission, it becomes nearly impossible to ascertain the number of lives Goad has impacted.

In 2015, The Alliance donated more than $30,000 to charities and non-profits through the GSB program!!!