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Prophil taps IHCD to receive GSB check

Minerve Prophil and Robespierre Chicoye earned two GSB checks in March of 2014. With their second GSB, the couple selected the Institute for Human and Community Development to receive a $1,000 check.

IHCD integrates extremely marginalized children into mainstream Haitian society through the provision of a holistic package of educational, nutritional and social services. Since 1999, ICHD has served thousands of children living in servitude, abject poverty and dislocation.

"I chose The Institute of Human and Community Development because they focus on one of the major issues affecting Haiti - child slavery,' Prophil said. "They accept these children, as young as five years old to 15, and enroll them in their schools, and teach them that they can be a part of the Haitian mainstream society. They are taught about their human rights, their health, and are given an education so that they are able to stand up for themselves and make something of their lives. These children will hopefully get out of poverty and make a better life for themselves." To learn more about IHCD, please visit

IHCD card