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McMillan donates GSB check to Hope for Haiti

Nikki McMillan picked up her first Good Samaritan Bonus check in July and chose Hope for Haiti to be the recipient of a $1,000 donation on her behalf.

McMillan said she picked the charity because of the work and help it provides to Haitians.

"I picked Hope for Haiti because Haiti is the poorest county in the world," McMillan said. "Over 77 percent of Haiti residents live in poverty. The GSB is a wonderful thing because it gives me an opportunity to do a small part in making a difference. Every small opportunity turns into a major opportunity in my opinion."

The Hope for Haiti Foundation impacts individual Haitians, empowering them to act and change their own nation. HFHF is equipping a new generation with a vision and the skills to make the dream a reality. Native Haitians are making a difference as nurses, ministers and teachers. The next goal is to reach into influential roles like law, politics, community organizing, media and more.

HFHF is focused on helping provide education to underprivileged children in remote villages and town in Haiti, offer medical care for Haitians, improve spiritual development for churches and pastors, grow communities and offer tools and resources for Haitian farmers and citizens.