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Lardie donates to local church with GSB

Eric Lardie's hard work paid off with a $1,000 check for South Roseville Christian Congregation through the GSB program.

Lardie, who previously donated a $1,000 check to his church in 2014, scored two GSBs in 2014. He said his church would use the money for facility upgrades and improvements at the church.

Lardie said working for a company that believes so strongly in giving back to others - especially in your own community was important to him.

"We are paid well for what we do, which is helping families," Lardie said. "Beyond that to be able to hand-pick a charity to send $1,000 is amazing. It inspires you to want to do even more in the future. I'm so glad The Alliance has the Good Samaritan Bonus program in place."