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La Vigne makes it back-to-back with another GSB check

Dane La Vigne made it back-to-back in June and July, by earning his second Good Samaritan Bonus of the summer in as many months.

La Vigne, who resides in Orlando, Fla., again selected Tim Goad International to receive a $1,000 check to further their ministry around the world. The July GSB check was La Vigne's fourth of 2014 and fifth overall since the program started in 2013.

The Goads travel around the United States and other countries weekly to perform and spread God's message as a family. Their mission is to give hope to the hopeless, help restore marriages, heal hurting families and to renew leaders.

La Vigne said being able to give back to Tim, Gaye, Blake and BreAnn was important to him because of the work they do with The Alliance.

"Making money is awesome and providing for your family is fulfilling, but giving to others for a cause that is bigger than yourself is exhilarating," La Vigne said. "It gives you a new life. The Goads do so much for us. My only wish is that I had more to give."