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La Vigne collects another GSB in March

Dane La Vigne kept his GSB momentum going in March by winning his second GSB of the year. This time, he earned a $750 check to donate to Tim Goad International.

La Vigne, who lives with his wife, Ruthie in Orlando, Fla., attends the G5 Church where Tim Goad, the founder of TGI, is the pastor. Goad and his family help serve people around the world through their ministry and through relief efforts in places like Haiti and Honduras.

In 2014, La Vigne donated $5,000 through The Alliance to help TGI and its efforts around the globe.

Tim Goad travels the United States and other countries spreading hope for the hurting, through music, and speaking. He has helped build a medical clinic in Haiti, and continues to send food, clothing and vitamins. Tim also received the Children's Charity Award at the National Charity Dinner in Washington D.C. Tim is also the author of several leadership books. Tim has a great passion to see leaders grow and live life at the next level. He is very active with members of The Alliance and speaks and performs with his family at events like National Convention in Raleigh, N.C. and Leadership Conference in Burlington, N.C. at The Alliance headquarters.

La Vigne said Tim has played an important role in his success with The Alliance.

"Tim helps so many people deal with things that happen in life," La Vigne said. "He loves helping people and really loves watching others grow and develop into leaders with The Alliance."