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Keator picks up first GSB check in 2014

Kyle Keator and his wife, Char wanted to use the Good Samaritan Bonus to make an impact with young people in the Columbus, Ohio area, so Keator selected The Hope Center to receive a check for $1,000.

Keator, who earned the GSB check in August based on personal production, said the center was created to offer a central location to house various social services, ministries and programs provided by the faith-based community and its partners to better serve the needs of Union County residents.

"It's kind of a one-stop shop to help people in Ohio,"Keator said. "It's a food pantry, they give away clothes, they have doctors who come in to treat people and they do all kinds of things for the community. We felt like this would be a charity that would reach the most people with our GSB check. We really wanted to pick a charity that was local and that we felt like did the most good for people who need help."

According to the Hope Center website their goal is to help people in Union County who are feeling hopeless, teens who are addicted, families facing homelessness and hunger and people who are lonely and feeling empty. Hope Center works to provide the thread that ties together many great attributes of the Union County community.