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Joe Dukes selects Tim Goad International for Good Samaritan Bonus

Joe Dukes won his first GSB check in April of 2014 based on solid personal production of at least $10,000 monthly for 12 straight months.

Dukes, who lives with his wife Tina in Arizona, knew immediately he wanted to support Tim Goad International with his $1,000 check because of the support Tim and Gaye Goad provided to the Dukeses as Tina battled an addiction to pain medication.

"The support that (the Goads) gave Tina and the love they poured into her when she was getting clean was so important to us," Joe Dukes said. "Also, what they've done for me... Tim is constantly pouring into me and helping me grow as a leader. The work they've done over the last 25 years has impacted the world and they are creating leaders and I want to be a part of that."