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Jason and Olga Mathis donate GSB to TGI

Jason and Olga Mathis earned a $500 Good Samaritan Bonus check in October and didn't hesitate to select the donation to go to Tim Goad International and the Goad family's effort around the globe to help those in need.

Tim Goad, The Alliance's cultural adviser, founded Goad International at age 18. Through his achievement with Goad International, opportunities arose that allowed Tim to work closely with many influential leaders from around the world. People such as Rick Warren, Og Mandino, Norman Vincent Peale, Denis Waitley, and John Maxwell have called upon Tim's leadership and expertise to train, develop, and implement strategies for organizations such as The Alliance, Amway and Church Growth Training - an organization committed to training up church leaders to impact communities. It was during these many years that Tim grew his reputation as a resource for developing leaders and for creating environments of growth within a corporation.

Jason and Olga Mathis said supporting the Goads was important to them because of the support and encouragement they have given to The Alliance over the years.