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Goodrich picks up first GSB check in September

Matt and Stephanie Goodrich, of Las Vegas, Nev., earned their first Good Samaritan Bonus check of 2014 in September and selected Tim Goad International to receive a check for $1,000 to help their mission to serve people in need around the world.

Tim Goad created Tim Goad International to embark on a humanitarian mission that has reached more than 180 countries around the world. His efforts have led to more than 5,000 volunteers helping less fortunate people provide more than $300 million worldwide to more than 88,000 at-risk children.

Matt Goodrich said selected the Goads to get a GSB check was not a hard decision because the couple believes so strongly in the work TGI does around the world.

"Stephanie and I chose to give our GSB to Tim and Gaye because we believe in them," Matt Goodrich said. "We believe that Tim will do the right thing at the right time when no one else is looking. And we just want to be a part of his vision."