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Edwards earns GSB check

Jeremeko Edwards earned his first Good Samaritan Bonus check of 2014 in January and selected the Watchtower Tract Society to receive $1,000 because of his efforts with The Alliance.

Edwards, who lives in Mt. Clemmons, Mich. outside of Detroit, said he had given to charities before, but never as much as $1,000.

It's giving me more of an abundant attitude just to know that I am able to give $1,000 to a charity," Edwards said. I've given maybe $200 before, but that was a stretch when I did that. It's a great feeling."

Edwards is married to his wife, Janice and is the father of two children – Janna Daisy (2) and Savannah Jade (3 months old). Edwards joined The Alliance five years ago, leaving behind a job working as an alternative relief manager at Lear Corporation. In that role, he relieved various people from their jobs when they took lunches and went on breaks.

Edwards said he was excited about earning more GSB checks in 2014 because of the feeling he received from helping give back.

It's a feeling of abundance," Edwards said. In the future, I'm looking to do even more. It's making me aim even higher since I've done this."