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Cook scores GSB check for Connections

Bill Cook is an active member of The Rotary Club of Branchburg 7510 in New Jersey. When he learned that he had won a Good Samaritan Bonus check in January, he immediately thought of how he could help others most through this $1,000 donation.

Cook's rotary club started a program called Connections," a program pairing young people with elderly people who need help with things many people take for granted. From basic yard work to just about anything you can think of around a home, young people will give back to their community through the Connections" program.

It's a great way for young people to show older people that they do care and they are capable of helping out," Cook said. I'm very excited about it."

Cook is matching the $1,000 GSB check from The Alliance to kickstart Connections" and the Branchburg chapter has pledged to add $2,000 to match Cook and The Alliance, making an instant $4,000 impact to the program.