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Careys select Summit Intermediate School Band to receive GSB

Jason and Tawny Carey earned a Good Samaritan Bonus check for $500 in July and selected the Summit Intermediate School Band as the group they wanted to support.

The band program at Summit Intermediate includes 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, with more than 200 students participating. The goal of the program is to develop outstanding middle school musicians who create, understand and enjoy music, but also have the skills necessary to be successful in music and life.

"This morning the Careys came by my classroom to surprise me with a generous check from your organization," Johnathan Peske, Summit Band director wrote in a thank you letter to The Alliance. "This was completely unexpected and it complete made my day."

Peske said the donation would greatly benefit the efforts of the band program and made a difference in the lives of young people who love music at Summit Intermediate.