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Careys score $500 GSB, match donation to Goad ministry

Jason and Tawny Carey earned a $500 Good Samaritan Bonus check based on personal production and personal direct recruits in May, but the couple decided to make an even bigger difference for Tim Goad International, the recipient they selected to get the donation

In addition to the $500 check from The Alliance, the Careys matched that donation with a personal $500 donation, bringing the gift to $1,000 to help the Goads in their ministry around the world.

"We chose the Goads because they are on a mission to help people that are hurting and see their lives changed spiritually, emotionally and physically," Tawny Carey said. "It is our honor as a family to be able to partner with their family to make this happen. It is not about Jason and I, but about what we can do together and we know that donating to their mission will not be wasted. Every dollar will be put to good use to edge them one step closer to changing millions of people's lives."

It was the Careys first GSB in 2016, but it won't likely be the last for the couple from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. In 2015, the Careys earned three GSBs. They selected Helpings Hands ($500), Summit Intermediate School Band ($500) and Tim Goad International ($1,000) as GSB recipients.

"Over the past two years, Jason and I have seen the impact the Good Samaritan Bonus has had on people all over the world: from children effected by war, to our local school's music program and now the Goads, with providing vitamins to children that are malnourished," Tawny Carey said. "We love the fact that Andy and Jane Albright have this wonderful program that allows us to partner with them and give back to the charities that matter most to The Alliance! Thank you Jane and Andy for this amazing opportunity to make a difference in others!"