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Blevins picks Mission Possible as GSB recipient

Bob Blevins wrapped up the month of April by picking up his first Good Samaritan Bonus check of the year based on his personal production.

Blevins, who lives in Ohio, selected Mission Possible, a charity based in Mansfield, Ohio, to receive a GSB check for $250 from The Alliance.

Mission Possible helps homeless, elderly and injured veterans get their life back on track. Through providing aid, Mission Possible seeks out those who have served or are serving in the military and offers free meals at various spots in the Mansfield area.

MP distributes packed lunches that often include a sandwich, chips, fruit cup, cookie and bottled water or Gatorade. Sometimes, especially during the winter months, MP provides people hot meals from a local restaurant when possible. Mission Possible was formed in 2010.

Blevins said he was excited to give back to his community and plans to donate more in the future.

"People don't realize how far giving just a little bit to charity can do," Blevins said. "I'm so glad The Alliance started the GSB program and it is making a difference to people around the world."