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Blevins matches GSB to donate $500 to Mission Possible

Bob Blevins earned his second Good Samaritan Bonus check of 2015 and selected Mission Possible to receive a check for $250 from The Alliance.

Going above and beyond that, Blevins personally matched the donation to help the efforts of JD Riley, the founder of the Mission Possible Group, which feeds homeless and hungry people in Mansfield, Ohio.

Mission Possible Group started out just feeding a few homeless veterans and has expanded to feeding veteran and non-veteran homeless and hungry people daily. In a normal day, they distribute food to about 60 people. They also have a food bank for veterans (not necessarily homeless but just needing a little help stretching out their monthly dollar). Mission Possible's next project is the purchase and renovation of a house to be used as a homeless shelter.

"The fountain in Mansfield Ohio Central Park is where they meet every day to feed the homeless (and hungry, as they do not turn anyone away)," Blevins said. "Across the street is the veterans' memorial which says "FREEDOM IS NOT FREE." What a great saying for our country, our soldiers and the people like Mission Possible who make sure our veterans never go without food and shelter."

Blevins said the GSB program was making an impact in Ohio and beyond.

"I love the Good Samaritan Bonus!" Blevins said. "We make a difference! Thank you NAA for the Good Samaritan Bonus so that I could help such a worthy cause."