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Debbie Benn taps Domestic Violence Resources

Debbie Benn racked up her first Good Samaritan Bonus check of 2014 in December based on her personal production during the last 12 months

She selected the Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County, R.I. to receive a check for $1,000 on her behalf from The Alliance.

The Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County (DVRCSC) is a non-profit agency that works toward a future free of violence, and to build a community in which each individual shares the responsibility to create a culture of safety and personal dignity.

The DVRCSC's history dates back to 1978, when a group of young mothers met around a kitchen table to explore women's issues in their community. With no paid staff and no equipment, these visionaries opened the Battered Women's Project in the annex of the Hope Valley Baptist Church and incorporated as the Women's Resource Center of Wood River in April of 1978. Their first budget totaled $183.79, with the bulk allocated for telephone service. CETA and VISTA funding paid for a 4-person part-time staff during the late 1970s with a priority on what have remained our core programs - referrals, support, legal advocacy, hotline and safe housing for clients.

In 2004, recognizing that approximately 1/3 of its clients were men, the name was changed to the Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County to truly reflect the people we serve. In recent years, DVRCSC have experienced a significant reduction in both state and federal grants. As a result, it has had to continue offering our services with 50 percent less staff, and has substantially increased fundraising efforts. The community has responded positively and continues to support the work and vision of this agency.

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