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Barron snags GSB check for Christian Life Center

Lindsay Barron earned her first Good Samaritan Bonus based on personal production in August, and selected a charity less than 20 minutes from her home in Evansville, Indiana.

Barron, who started in 2009, posted 12 straight months of more than $10,000 in personal production to earn the bonus. She has selected the Evansville Christian Life Center because of the services they provide to people in need.

ECLC exists to restore people through Jesus Christ. "We come alongside individuals and families caught in the struggles of poverty, unplanned pregnancy, addiction and other issues," the ECLC website states. "(ECLC) offers multiple services under one roof to serve the whole person, from physical needs to crisis services to long-term support on a family's journey out of poverty."

ECLC's vision is to see individuals and families in the Evansville community restored to emotional, physical and spiritual well-being in productive and independent living.

"They provide meals for needy people and pregnancy planning," Barron said. "They give clothes to people in need. They do some pretty cool stuff."

Barron, who is part of the Mike and Noelle Lewantowicz hierarchy, said the GSB program helped motivate her on days when she was less than excited about visiting with clients to help them protect their families.

"This made it worth pushing a few months when maybe I didn't want to. It's an accomplishment to do that to give back to others," Barron said. "It was on my radar last year, but I had a bad month one time and that made me more resolved to do it this year."

Barron, who is a regular at the Louisville, Kentucky HotSpot meeting, said being able to give a check for $1,000 to charity was important to her.

"I've always tithed and it makes me feel good to give to charity," Barron said. "I know that if you give then it will be given back to you. It's hard to explain that to some people, but it's a principle and it's true. When you give, you get back. You feel better and it comes back in ways you can never measure."

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