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Allemans backing Texas Equusearch with GSB donation

Mike and Michele Alleman snagged another Good Samaritan Bonus check in December and selected Texas Equusearch to receive a donation in the amount of $1,000 from The Alliance.

This internationally recognized organization - started in the Houston, Texas area - plays a huge part in helping bring families their loved ones that have gone missing. The Allemans live outside of Houston and wanted to support the efforts of this great organization.

Texas EquuSearch has been involved in 1,350-plus searches in approximately 42 states in the United States, Aruba, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Their efforts have proven successful with returning over 300 missing people home to their families safely, many of which would have been deceased. Texas EquuSearch is responsible for recovering the remains of 159 missing loved ones, bringing closure to many families. Many of the 159 cases have resulted in criminal cases. At no time during any of the searches was evidence compromised by Texas EquuSearch.