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Success Stories - 2017

The Alliance awarded 77 GSB checks to charities in February, giving away more than $13,000 to charities. The Alliance has given away more than $190,000 since starting the GSB program in 2013. The following roundup will tell you a little more about our agents and the charities they selected this month.

The Alliance opened the year in a big way by contributing $9,150 to numerous charities and non-profit organizations thanks to the effort of 57 Good Samaritan Bonus winners. A total of 19 different charities were selected and brought the all-time amount given to charities to $180,000.

Success Stories - 2016

The Alliance doubled the amount of money it donated to charities from November in the month of December, with more than $16,000 going to numerous charities and organizations around the globe. On the strength of December, The Alliance surpassed $28,000 donated for the year and passed the $150,000 in donations via the Good Samaritan Bonus program.

The Alliance donated more than $8,000 to charities in November and we wanted to let you know which organizations benefitted from the Good Samaritan Bonus program.

Jason and Tawny Carey earned a $500 Good Samaritan Bonus check based on personal production and personal direct recruits in May, but the couple decided to make an even bigger difference for Tim Goad International, the recipient they selected to get the donation

Adam Johnson earned his second Good Samaritan Bonus check of 2016 in April, and Johnson donated the $250 to SOURCE MN, which operates near Johnson's home in St. Paul, Minn.

Mike and Michele Alleman earned a Good Samaritan Bonus check in February and selected Clear Creek Church, their family's church, to receive a $500 donation from The Alliance on their behalf.

Adam Johnson started 2016 in a big way as he picked up his first Good Samaritan Bonus check with The Alliance.

Success Stories - 2015

Jeremy and Amy Patton closed out the year by winning a Good Samaritan Bonus check in December.

James and Jane Hill, of Elon, N.C., earned a Good Samaritan Bonus check in December and picked MagFest to receive a check for $250 from The Alliance.

Make A Wish Foundation
St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
Duke Children's Hospital
Tim Goad Ministry
Rotary Club